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What are Medical Alert Systems?
Medical Alert Systems allow emergency responders to be contacted when a pendent, base station or other “emergency” button is pressed.

How do Medical Alert Systems help me?
By using Medical Alert Systems, trained, qualified personnel will be available to assist you. Research supports the common sense notion that getting prompt help makes surviving an emergency more likely. The ability to get help also boosts the odds that a senior will continue to live independently. The longer a person spends helpless, the greater the likelihood he/she will be discharged into supportive care. For elderly people who live alone, becoming incapacitated and unable to get help is a common event, which usually marks the end to their ability to live independently. (New England Journal of Medicine)

Are Medical Alert Systems just for medical emergencies?
No, Medical Alert Systems can be used for any emergency. If there’s a fire emergency, please, immediately leave the premises and contact emergency services once you’re safely out of the fire danger.

Can’t I just use my phone?
Sure, you can just use your phone. However, cell phones are not designed to be used as Medical Alert Systems. HelpAlert Alert Medical Alert Systems are designed to put you in touch with a trained specialist that can dispatch the appropriate help quickly to your location with the touch of only ONE button.

What happens if I accidentally press the emergency button?
There is no penalty for accidentally pressing the emergency button. Simply tell the operator that you pressed the button by mistake and that you’re ok. In fact, we encourage users to test the system monthly to make sure everything is in working order.

What happens if I press the emergency button, but I am unable to speak to the operator?
Emergency personnel with always be dispatched, if the operator is unable to converse with you.

How long will it take to receive my HelpAlert Alert Medical Alert System?
Simply call us to place your order. We program and ship your HelpAlert Alert Medical Alert System to you using ground shipping services by UPS at no cost to you. All orders placed prior to 3PM EST will be processed the same day and based on your location you will receive it 2-7 days. Expedited service is available at a small fee.

What is a lockbox and why do I need it?
A lockbox is a locked compartment used to store keys to your home. The combination to the lockbox is kept confidential and only given out when necessary. In an emergency, emergency responders (or others you designate) can quickly access the lockbox and enter your home.

Service Questions

What happens when I push the emergency button?
Your help signal is received in a matter of moments by our trained Care Specialists who are here to assist you 24/7.

Can I take my pendants in the shower?
Because our help button is waterproof, it can be used when you are showering or taking a bath.

Will the HelpAlert Alert system work outside the home?
The HelpAlert Mobile Alert System is designed to be taken anywhere. The Medical Alert Systems for home are designed to be used in and around the home for distances up to 500 feet. After system setup, you should test the system range throughout your dwelling and immediately outside to see where it is effective. We may not be able to communicate with you in certain locations, but when we receive your signal we will follow your predefined set of instructions. If you need extended range, please consider our Mobile HelpAlert product

Is my service available all the time?
Yes. We are staffed at all times by highly skilled trained operators.

What type of information does a HelpAlert Alert Specialist have access to?
Only the information that you have provided. They have access to such information as your address, best route to your home, medical response agencies, your contact list and any hidden key or lock box information.

Will the HelpAlert Alert at home system affect my telephone service?
No. Medical Alert Systems at Home have no effect on your phone service or bill. It only uses the phone line to dial when there is an emergency and briefly for its weekly check-in. These are toll-free calls which will not appear on your bill.

What type of agreement do I have to sign?
There are no Contracts to sign. You may cancel at any time before the end of the month.

Are there any other costs in addition to the monitoring fee?
No, there are no other fees. The HelpAlert Alert Mobile Alert System is designed for up to 30 minutes per month of emergency calling – more than enough time to handle emergency situations.

What if I want to cancel my service?
If you want to cancel your service, simply call 855-55-ALERT (855-552-5378) We’ll make arrangements for your equipment to be returned. Upon receipt of the returned equipment, we will cancel your service – it’s that easy.

Who will respond if I have an emergency or need to call for help?
HelpAlert Alert uses a Monitoring Station that is fully staffed at all times. In addition to formal training, our response staff is EMT- certified and has Spanish speaking operators on duty at all times. Our modern UL certified facility uses state-of-the-art technologies for all monitoring systems, including fully redundant power, network, communications, and processing systems.
Your safety is monitored by some of the most highly qualified and extensively trained operators in the industry.

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