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How it Works

In the event of any Emergency situation such as Chest pains, breathing trouble, a Fall, or even if someone is breaking into the house, the user will be able to Call for Help at the touch of a button.






Example Scenario

It’s 11:30 at night. Mary is on her way to her bed, then suddenly trips on a throw rug and falls to the floor. Mary’s Knee is in a great deal of pain. Mary pushes her HelpAlert Button that she wears on her wrist. A signal is sent to the base unit, and the base unit dials our monitoring station where our operators are waiting.







From the Base unit Mary hears “Hello Mary this is April with HelpAlert, we received your signal. Are you ok?”
Mary replies “No, I tripped on the rug and I need help.”
The operator says “Ok Mary, I’ll send help”
The operator sends the local Emergency Medical Service to Mary’s home and tells the dispatcher the combination to the key lock box.
The operator calls Mary’s daughter to notify her of the dispatch.
The operator notifies Mary that Help is on the way and talks with her until help arrives.
EMS arrives, unlocks the lock box, gets the key, and enters the home without causing damage.
EMS gives Mary the assistance she needs.

With HelpAlert you are never alone!

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