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Lock Box Service

Why you should use a Lock Box with HelpAlert

Using a lock box with the HelpAlert System is highly recommended. In the case of a medical emergency when you or your loved one is unable to open the door the lock box system allows for quick and damage free entry for emergency personnel. Lock boxes are most commonly used by real estate companies to allow access to houses by multiple agents. This type of convenience is what makes the lock box so useful during an emergency response.

It works like this…

As A HelpAlert Subscriber, you will choose a four digit combination that will open the side door to the lock that holds a key to your house. This combination will be stored securely at our central station and only used during an emergency response. When an emergency response occurs and a dispatch is made our central station operator inform the dispatcher or responding party and notify them as to where the lock box is located and what the combination is to access the house key. The emergency responder will then open the lock box Get your key & unlock your door, avoiding costly damage to your home.

How would this affect me in a medical emergency?

The use of a lock box is extremely important for both the emergency responders and the user who requires help. Sometimes Subscribers give a spare key to a neighbor. Remember your neighbor may not always be available. Having a lock box will eliminate the extra time an emergency responder will need in order to access the location. They can also eliminate the need to force entry which will also save money for the user who will be responsible for fixing any entry ways damaged during an emergency response. The lock box will also be a great peace of mind to the person in need of help. Knowing that a lock box is available will allow the user in need to conserve energy and stay still preventing further injury.

We recommend using a four digit combination the user can easily remember just in case they find themselves locked out of the house and in need of a spare key. When the combination is set there will be a second four digit code generated that will be listed with the lock box instructions. This second code is not necessary to memorize. It will be used only when opening and closing the shackle portion of the lock that will attach the lock to the door knob or handle. The lock box may also be secured to a hand railing, pipe, deck or any other sturdy object that the shackle will fit around and still be able securely lock.

It is important to update any changes made to the location and code of the lock box. These changes can be updated by calling our customer service 1-855-55-ALERT.

Please email for more information.
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