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No Phone Line? NO Problem!

If you do not have a landline telephone, then HelpAlert’s Cellular system is the medical alarm system for you.  It is the first cellular medical alarm in the industry to provide a 3G cellular network connection. Quick and easy installation in any location where AT&T 3G network is available.  It is designed with your protection and comfort in mind.




The Wireless PERS technology and service HelpAlert provides a robust, easy to install cellular solution without the need for a telephone line. Ideal for new and existing customers, the Cellular PERS allows seniors to access help in case of a medical emergency at an affordable price.

Advanced Reliability

  • Increased battery life ensures that the Cellular PERS has uninterrupted power for 60+ hours.
  • provides battery over-charge, under-charge, and over discharge protection.
  • performs live capacity battery monitoring.
  • delivers low, dead and bad battery reporting.
  • User friendly voice prompts
  • Operates anywhere there is 3G AT&T Network
  • Unsurpassed Voice Range
  • Monitored by our specially trained care attendants 24 hours daily 7 days a week

Personal Help Button

  • Water-resistant down to 6 ft.
  • Comfortable & light weight can be worn as a neck pendant or wrist watch style
  • Typical Range: Over 600 Feet.

Fall Detection Button

The fall detection button for the Cellular system utilizes BioSensic’s clinically and academically validated Active PERS technology, and proves to be the most robust and accurate fall detection button on the market. Sold separately, this affordable accessory is capable of sending separate fall and panic button signals. It has an auto-cancel feature in the event that steps are detected after a fall alert is detected, the signal will not be transmitted to the base unit. The fall detection button can also operate as a supervised Personal Help Button (PHB). It is capable of sending unique alarm codes for fall-type events, button pushes, inactivity, supervisory alarms, and low battery alarms.

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